Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
23. What will be the implementation framework for the Mission at District level?
A District Project Management Unit- (DPMU) may be set up at the District Collector's office with upto three professionals, i. Regional Planning Specialist; ii. Convergence Specialist and; iii. Rural Development and Management Specialist. The existing pool of Prime Minister Rural Development Fellows (PMRDFs) of the State wherever present may also be engaged. The District Project Management Unit will report to the District Collector. This unit shall be responsible for coordinating with implementing departments/ agencies for ensuring notification of planning areas and related spatial planning matters, convergence of schemes planned in the ICAP in an integrated and time-bound manner. These DPMUs shall also work in close co-ordination with the SPMU

24. What will be the implementation framework for the Mission at Cluster level?
  A Cluster Development and Management Unit (CDMU) will be set up for each Rurban cluster comprising at least two professionals, i. Spatial planning professional and; ii. Rural management/development professional. This unit will closely monitor the spatial planning aspects and the ICAP preparation for the cluster and will also closely monitor the progress of the activities in the cluster and provide regular updates to the DPMU/SPMU.

25. How are the PRIs/Gram Panchayat/ Gram Sabhas involved in the project?
The State Nodal Agency will consult the Panchayati Raj institutions at the Zilla, Panchayat Samiti and the Gram Panchayat on the NRuM activities to be undertaken in the Clusters. The Mission should be adopted by the Gram Sabhas of all the participating Gram Panchayats through Gram Sabha and Panchayat Samiti resolutions.PRI members0020to be included at all stages of the project cycle from planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and maintenance of assets created during the project period.

26. What is the role of Elected Representatives?
State Government are requested to ensure the participation of local elected representatives comprising Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) etc, whenever 'Rurban' Projects are inaugurated/launched.

27. What are the Steps involved to be followed by the States to kick start the Mission?